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10 Most Used Blogging Services


Blogging is an activity that is mostly done by internet users. In addition to social media, blogging is also an alternative to spill your heart and thoughts. Some people prefer blogging to social media. One reason is because blogging can make more money. However, it is not absolute. Because now there are so many affiliate programs that are spread via social media.

Along with the trend of blogging lately, there are so many blogging platforms that are offered. Often times, these blogging platforms confuse beginners. Blogging can be of various types. There is a blog that contains vent, there is also a blog whose contents post photos. There are also some who write seriously about current opinions. So, how to choose the right blogging platform. Here are the 10 most used blogging services. You can choose according to the features offered by them.

10 Most Used Blogging Services

1. Blogger


Blogger is a blogging platform owned by Google. Besides being free, its ability to appear in Google searches also makes many people choose this platform. Iskael's blog also uses Blogger as its platform. Blogger also allows users to customize templates. In my opinion, this is what makes Blogger superior in the eyes of many bloggers who like to design templates.



Like Blogger, is also a free blogging platform that is also chosen by many bloggers. An easy dashboard display makes popular with many beginners. In addition, the appearance of is suitable for writing a life journal. The drawback is that you can't edit the template as well as Blogger. If you want to edit the template, you must upgrade your membership to Premium.

3. Tumblr


Unlike other blogging services, Tumblr appears simpler. Tumblr is favored by those who like to display photos or other images. In addition, you can find many types of posts that you can choose from. If you want to know the outline, you can visit Iskael's entry on Tumblr .

4. MyWapBlog


MyWapBlog is used by many mobile users. The appearance does seem ugly and unprofessional. However, it is very convenient if you blog via cellphone.


This, if traced, uses the WordPress Multisite platform. So for those of you who are familiar with WordPress, you will get used to using What excels from is that the subdomain is nice and short, namely *

6. Blogdetik


Similar to, Blogdetik also uses WordPress Multisite. The advantage of Blogdetik compared to other platforms is the strength of its community. If you are a giveaway hunter or blogging contest, you can register at Blogdetik because there are lots of blogging contests with prizes there.

7. LiveJournal


Maybe in Indonesia LiveJournal is not that popular. But just so you know, the founder of Facebook -Mark Zuckerberg- also once blogged on LiveJournal. The LiveJornal interface is simple, but can include images in comments. Cool isn't it?

8. Typepad


Just like LiveJournal, Typepad is less trendy in Indonesia. However, you can find it in America there. Typepad is also a trendy blogging platform because Typepad is a blogging platform that has been operating for a long time.

9. Kompasiana


Kompasiana is a blogging platform created by Kompas. Like Blogdetik, Kompasiana is also strengthened by its community.

10. SquareSpace


This is one of the good premium blogging platforms. You can choose the premium templates provided. It's perfect for those of you who focus on blogging in the field of photography or create an online shop in the form of a gallery. 

Those are the ten most used blogging services. What do you think? Which platform are you using?

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